Secure Software Development

Secure Software Development

What is Secure Software Development?

Secure Software Development is a service where we help you build your software while making security the top priority and strictly adhering to Application Security (AppSec) best practices. The majority of applications are not built with security being a high-enough focus, and as a result software in its initial releases is almost always vulnerable to various attacks. These days for software to be successful in solving business problems, whether internal to your organisation or customer-facing, the software needs to succeed in three major areas.

  1. Functionality: The software needs to work properly, free of bugs preventing use of the software.
  2. Design / User Experience: The software needs to be intuitive in a way where users are able to easily navigate and understand the application.
  3. Security: The software needs to address Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (the CIA triad) to ensure the safety of customer data, the ongoing operation of the software, and ultimately the reputation and finances organisation. In certain software, such as medical software, this could be the difference between life or death.

For a non-exhaustive list of the tech stacks Endure Secure supports, refer to our page here.

If you have an existing project which is live, and are worried about your security, Endure Secure’s Application Security service, is better aligned to help you achieve your goals. In addition to this, Endure Secure can provide in-depth code review to give you assurance that you have found any issues in your application.

Typically organisations release new platforms/software with functionality in strong shape, design in an adequate state, and security in an inadequate state, due to time and sometimes budget constraints.

Keeping these constraints in mind, in addition to the development work, Endure Secure can help you plan ahead for security in both terms of time and budget, to ensure that your software is built with enough resources to ensure that your initial release is successful from a security standpoint. Sometimes the constraint can be the competing priorities of the developers, which is where Endure Secure can provide resources focused on securing the product.

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