Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Services: DFIR

Endure Secure is experienced in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), having responded to multiple high-profile incidents involving ransomware, data exfiltration, and cyber security espionage.

Cyber Incident Response

Endure Secure’s incident response team members have been involved in some of Australia’s largest cyber security incidents. We are experienced in managing the end-to-end incident response lifecycle, including:

  • Developing and carrying out containment, eradication, and recovery strategies.
  • Identifying incident root-cause.
  • Providing post-incident hyper-care.
  • Carrying out lessons learnt and uplift activities.

We can also establish an Incident Response Retainer at no up-front cost. This is a great opportunity to establish a relationship with Endure Secure ahead of any potential incidents you may experience in the future, so that as soon as you pick up the phone, everything is in place for us to respond immediately.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics involves the identification, preservation, extraction, and analysis of computer evidence. Digital Forensic is especially important evidence gathered may be used legal proceedings or by law enforcement.

Endure Secure provide specialised Digital Forensic services such as:

  • Creating forensic images of computer systems and mobile devices.
  • Discovery and extraction of forensic artefacts.
  • Maintaining chain of custody.
  • Secure storage of forensic artefacts.

Malware Analysis

Endure Secure provides several Malware Analysis services:

  • Malware reverse engineering.
  • Static analysis of malware samples.
  • Dynamic analysis of malware samples.

Our Malware-Analysis-as-a-Service allows you to submit your own malware samples and instantly receive and automatically generated, comprehensive report.

We can also build a malware analysis lab in your own environment!

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You can contact us using this contact form, email us at [email protected], or call us on 0420 231 893.