Other Security Services

Other Cyber Security Services

We recognise that security needs are vast and can be unique to your individual circumstances. Endure Secure will always strive to assist you in achieving your outcome. If we can’t help you, we will direct you to someone who can.

Personal Asset Protection

Endure Secure’s Personal Asset Protection services are specifically tailored to individuals who are at a high risk of having their digital assets, computers, or mobile devices targeted by cyber criminals or other threat actors. Those who may benefit form these services include:

  • High-net-worth individuals,
  • Holders of crypto-currency,
  • Public-figures,
  • Celebrities and influencers,
  • Athletes and eSports competitors,
  • Business people,
  • Activists,
  • Politicians,
  • Owners of highly sought after domains, online accounts, usernames, or online handles.

Our Personal Asset Protection services include a comprehensive assessment of your digital footprints, securing your online accounts, dark-web monitoring, system and device hardening, and threat intelligence gathering.

Your privacy is always guaranteed.

Digital Spying and Stalker Protection

If you are escaping a domestic violence situation, please call 1800 737 732 or visit 1800RESPECT.org (Australia).

If you suspect that your movements, messages, online accounts, or devices are being monitored by someone you know, it’s possible that one of your devices has been infected with key-loggers, stalkerware, or spouseware. It’s also possible that someone has gained access to your social media or email accounts. Endure Secure can assist in identifying and removing unauthorised access to your devices or online accounts.

Endure Secure provides free support to those who need it.

Security Research

Endure Secure’s team can conduct Security Research, market research, and experiments into your areas of interest, such as emerging technologies, blockchain, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.

Privacy of your interests are guaranteed.

Cyber Espionage Protection

If you work in a highly competitive industry, deal with globalised supply chains, or are conducting cutting-edge research, you may be a target of cyber espionage. Endure Secure can assist you by reviewing your concerns and developing tailored Cyber Espionage Protection strategies.

Brand Protection

Endure Secure’s Brand Protection service combines brand monitoring, dark web monitoring, internet monitoring, and open-source intelligence gathering to provide a comprehensive coverage across your brand, intellectual property, and employees.

Leveraging our in-house developed, open-source project, Scrummage, as well as other Endure Secure proprietary tools and techniques, we quickly detect, investigate, and alert you on unauthorised abuse or your brand, or of identified threats to your company or employees. Examples include:

  • Registration of typo-squatted/look-a-like domains masquerading as your brand,
  • Fake eCommerce websites masquerading as your brand,
  • Fake social media profiles masquerading as your brand,
  • Fake apps in app stores,
  • Leaked credentials (passwords, usernames, email addresses),
  • Leaked intellectual property and source code,
  • Online discourse about your brand,
  • and more.

We also assist with the take-down processes and alerting the relevant authorities.

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Endure Secure is available to answer your Cyber Security enquiry within 8 business hours. Please include as much information as possible for your request.

Please contact us using the form below, email us at [email protected], or call us on 0420 231 893.