Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Endure Secure Pty Ltd, (“Endure Secure”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”), is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors and users of our websites and web applications (collectively, “Online Services”).

This Privacy Statement applies to all of our Online Services whether accessed through,,, (collectively “Domains”), or any publicly available subdomains of our Domains, or any other publicly available domains which redirect to our Domains.

For customers whom we have provided any of our services, additional Privacy Statements related to those services will have been provided prior to service commencement.

Throughout our Online Services, we may provide hyperlinks and website addresses to third party websites and web applications. We may also embed content from third party websites and web applications, such as web code libraries, images, video, and other media into our Online Services. Our Privacy Statement does not extend to any of these third parties. For all third party websites and web applications, please refer to the Privacy Statement or similar provided by that party.

This Privacy Statement does not extend to the usage of any of our Social Media accounts with any Social Media platforms.

This Privacy Statement has been written in UK English. If, when translated to other languages, the meaning of anything in this Privacy Statement can be interpreted differently, that meaning is not applicable.

This Privacy Statement is subject to change at any time.

What is Personal Information?

“Personal Information” is information that may be used to identify an individual person, such as a name, email address, phone number, address, username, password, payment information, social media handle or alias, or IP address.

What Information is Collected and How is it Used?

As you visit and interact with our Online Services, we may collect data, including Personal Information, for business purposes. These business purposes may include:

  • Optimising, developing, and customising our Online Services;
  • Collecting contact information to respond to customer enquiries;
  • Collecting contact information of visitors who opt in to receive newsletters (subscribers;
  • Receiving feedback regarding functionality, bugs, security issues, and usability of our Online Services;
  • Detecting and responding to security incidents;
  • Scaling our infrastructure to meet visitor demand.

Web and internet technologies such as IP addresses, cookies, user agent strings, and other are collected and processed by our website infrastructure and supporting infrastructure for purposes such as providing a positive user experience to all visitors and to allow us to identify and respond to security events.

Is any Information Shared With Third Parties?

Some Personal Information is shared with third parties for the business purpose of providing us with website analytics. This includes collecting telemetry and information such as IP addresses, geolocations (inferred by IP addresses), pages visited, and time spent interacting with our Online Services.

We do not share the contact information of any visitors who make enquiries through our Online Services, subscribe to any of our newsletters, or use any of the tools hosted on platforms that can be reached by our Domains or any sub-domains of our Domains.

How is Information Stored?

Information, including Personal Information, is stored in electronic form on our website and web application infrastructure. All infrastructure is hosted by us or on infrastructure that we manage.

How Long is Information Retained?

Information is retained only as long as is necessary to be processed for the business purpose that it has been collected for.

How is Information Secured?

All reasonable and appropriate steps are taken to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of the data, Personal Information, and telemetry that we collect as outlined in this Privacy Statement. Safeguards include information security and backup policies, system and application hardening, access control, and security monitoring and detection controls.

As you use and interact with our Online Services, all data between your web browser and our webserver is protected via Transport Layer Security/Secure Socket Layer (TLS/SSL). Note that in cases where your web browser has been configured to use a proxy server, this protection may be less effective.

Contact Information

If you have any questions related to this Privacy Statement, please contact us at the email listed below:
[email protected]

Last Updated January 30th, 2022.